Day 60: Chicasaw and Dinosaur Footprints

I camped that night in the Chicasaw National Recreational Area, which is a beautiful area. Apparently it used to be a national park, but was downgraded a while back because it wasn't quite special enough, which I believe. There's a creek going through the park with a number of little waterfalls, including Little Niagara, which is basically just as good as visiting the real thing.

I then headed down into Texas and ate lunch at Lockhart Smoke House in Dallas. It was easily the best brisket I've had on my trip so far, nothing else has even been close. Texas has the best beef BBQ, no question.

I was heading south to my friend Todd's place in Austin and decided to make a detour on the way to see some dinosaur footprints. The state park with the foot prints was pretty neat, but it was clear it's best to go during summer. Apparently most of the footprints get covered with too much water to see the rest of the year. It was still a neat stop with the few I could see.