Day 58: Graceland and Toltec Mounds

Graceland is pretty much exactly what you'd expect, an overpriced shrine to the King. Okay, it's not that bad, it was neat to see his house and airplanes, although it really strange when the walls of the museum are lined with things like framed copies of the invoice to buy the pool table.

Memphis BBQ is pretty fantastic. They specialize in pork, so couldn't really compare it to other BBQ I've had on my trip, but I do really love their style of BBQ sauce.

Afterwards I headed into Arkansas and checked out the Toltec mounds, which apparently are horribly named since the Toltec never came within 1500 miles of the mounds, but it's a case of too late to rename it now. It was really neat to see remnants of an ancient culture that we know nothing about. They had a lot of speculation as to what the mounds were created for, but no one really knows since the tribe that lived there vanished a thousand years ago.