Day 51: Wright Brothers Monument

The night before I made my way down to Chesapeake Bay and camped at a state park right on the coast. It was a beautiful night and had been far too long since the last time I camped. One of the more interesting things was that I crossed over the mouth of Chesapeake Bay on a series of bridges and underwater tunnels. This bridge and tunnel system was so long that it takes about 30 minutes to get to the other side. It's really strange to be driving on water for so long.

In the morning I made my way to the Wright Brothers Monument in North Carolina. One of the interesting things is that they did not do their flights in Kitty Hawk like we're talk in school, they actually did them in the area just south of Kitty Hawk called Kill Devil Hills, which is a much cooler name and is what they should be teaching the kids. I have to admit, seeing the monument got my inventor spirit going and I started to talking to some startup companies for possible work when I finish my adventure.