Days 44-46: Smethport and Hershey

Oct 31: Halloween: Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures this day, but I drove back to my friend Holly's house in Smethport and helped wrangle the kids while trick or treating.

Nov. 1st: Took a trip down to Hershey, Penn. They had a really great museum and the chocolate tasting was delicious. Unfortunately this time of the season most of the places were closed and we got there too late to do the chocolate lab, but it was still really neat to see the place.

Nov. 2nd: Mental health day. I am taking a day off from adventuring and the world and simply recharging. So far today I've left the room once to make a sandwich. I just needed a break from the madness and am marathoning Netflix, catching up on my blog and doing some reading. I'll start my adventure again tomorrow.