Day 38: Montreal and Shelburne, Vermont

I started the morning in downtown Montreal walking the streets in what felt like a very old part of town, with cobble stone streets and old stone buildings. I visited the Notre-Dame church which was mighty impressive, however I felt it was a bit wrong that they changed entry to the church and had gift shops everywhere. Maybe it's not actually a church anymore and they simply set aside areas inside for people to worship on their own. Regardless, it was still pretty neat.

I then made my way back into America and visited the Shelburne Museum. This was a very unique museum that is located on a huge piece of property with over 30 buildings full of random collections, such as the house full of dolls or the one full of a 1000 different wooden bird decoys. It reminded me a lot of the House on the Rock, although it didn't have the flair for insanity like the House on the Rock. I ended up staying several hours wandering the place until they closed down the museum on me.