Day 36: Niagara Falls

I was finally feeling better, so it was time to get out of Pennsylvania and continue my journey. Holly and I traveled to Niagara Falls where I finally got to see the falls I've read about and seen on tv my whole life. They were spectacular. We took the Maid in the Mist boat to get a close look and it is a very wet ride. Afterwards, I thanked Holly for such amazing hospitality and for being such a great guide as she headed back to Pennsylvania and I headed on into Canada. My first stop was to see the Fall on the opposite of the river, and I can confirm the view is much better over there. I took the tour to go under the falls, which was pretty neat, but not as interesting as I hoped. It was really just a tunnel with a couple openings where you see a wall of water. Not worth the amount they charged for entry, but still neat.