Day 31: Detroit

My first stop in Detroit was to a local diner to get an actual Coney dog. Apparently it's a huge deal there as about half the restaurants are a "Coney Island" style, which as far as I can tell it means it's a diner. A coney dog is basically a chili dog with onions on it. It was fine I guess.

Afterwards I went straight to the Motown Museum which isn't much of a museum, but the tour guide is extremely enthusiastic and tells you every details about the history, which made it really entertaining. Then I went to the Detroit Historical Museum, which had a few really well done exhibits.

I had to go to at least one auto headquarters building, so I went to the GM Renaissance Center, which is apparently like a mall, but with GM cars sprinkled throughout. It was near a few famous statues, so it was a neat stop. I had a little time to kill after that and my energy level was dropping (still sick), so I took a drive through Belle Island Park.

One of the more interesting things about Detroit are the number of abandoned buildings. There are some really cool old buildings that have been boarded up, there was even a big 15 or so story building, all boarded up. It was wild. In the park I can across this huge complex that was completely abandoned. I wanted to badly to have the money to buy it and turn it into something awesome.

Anyways, it was getting late, so I went to go meet my friend John, who was giving me a place to stay that night. We went out to get some authentic Detroit style pizza, and I have to say, I love Detroit style pizza, maybe even almost as much as Chicago style. The style is the same as Little Caesars deep dish, although obviously worlds better.