Day 26: Nashville

After Mammoth Caves, I decided to make the trip down to Nashville. It started out fairly disappointing as I waited an hour for super hot chicken, only to find they forgot to add any spice to it. It was still good chicken, but nothing special. I checked out several areas of Nashville including the Parthenon and the County Hall of Fame.

For dinner I want to a place called Mondells, which was fantastic. It was a family style restaurant where you are seated at a large table with strangers, cell phones are forbidden, the food is then served in large bowls, like it would be at home. When a bowl comes your way, you take what you want out of it and pass it to the left. It was an amazing amount of food and it was all delicious.

Afterwards I walked to downtown and Broadway, which reminds me a lot of a country version of Vegas. I must have seen a dozen different bachelorette parties. I bar hopped a bit, but mostly stayed in a bar that had a pretty unique band. The stage had an El Camino built into it, the bass was made out of a gas tank, the singer wore a Jason mask (Friday the 13th) and the guitarist is known as the Guitarist Granny on Youtube.