Day 15: Kansas City (and surrounding areas)

I arrived in Kansas city around lunch time, so for obvious reasons I went to what is considered the best BBQ in Kansas City, Joes Kansas City BBQ. I had their signature brisket sandwich, which was delicious. Since I had the sandwich, I can't really compare it to other BBQ, but it was really good. While eating there, I noticed virtually everyone was wearing KC Chiefs jerseys and talking about the game that night. I didn't have a plan for what to do that day, so I decided to join along with everyone else in the city and bought a ticket.

I still had a few hours before the game and my cousin told me I should visit the neighboring city of Lawrence while in town. I wasn't sure where to go, so I went downtown and walked down their main street, which is apparently exactly where I should be. It was a neat street with lots of eclectic shops. I stopped at got a piece of pie at Ladybirds, which is where my cousin used to work, and it was really good pie.

I then headed back to KC and made my way to the game... I think half the town was there. The entire stadium was packed full and I was standing the entire game, because the crowd is so invested in whats going on, you don't dare sit down and miss a second of it. It was an extremely close game with KC losing for most of it. The score got tied up in the last quarter, and in the final few seconds, the Kansas City kicker (who had never played a professional football game before that night) kicked a field goal and won the game. It was the perfect game for me to witness.