Day 13: Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Badlands

Mount Rushmore is exactly what you expect, nothing more, nothing less. It was really neat to see it in person, but it's something I'll never need to go back and see again. One thing that surprised me was how touristy the whole area was. I haven't seen an area that tourist centric since visiting Disney World in Florida.

The Crazy Horse Monument was my next stop since it is only about 30 minutes away. The story of the monument was something else, although I was a little disappointed that after over 50 years of development, it's probably still 50-100 years away from being completed. However, if they do complete it, it will be bigger than any other monument in the world, which explains why it's taking so long.

I then headed east and on the way I stopped at a total tourist trap called Wall Drugs. They literally have constant signs for over 30 miles in both directions. I thought I'd stop and get lunch, but after spending about 10 minutes there, I decided it was best to leave this town and continue on. Next to the city of Wall is the Badlands National Park and that is definitely worth seeing. Some amazing views, and I decided to make lunch and eat it while at one of the view spots. Definitely a better choice than eating at the tourist spot.

Afterwards I continued east and arrived at night at Niobrara Nebraska State Park, where I camped for the night.