Day 6: Craters of the Moon

The previous night I made it to the Craters of the Moon national park just as the sun was going down and managed to get my tent up just in time. Temperatures dropped before freezing that night, but I was prepared for sleeping the cold. What I didn't realize was that it was still below freezing in the morning and the park was now completely fogged in. Unfortunately the fog meant that the tent was completely covered in freezing cold water and caused the dirt to stick to it when tearing it down. Not a great morning, but I managed to get it all taken down quickly enough, then went to the visitor center to wait for the fog to clear up.

Luckily it cleared up pretty quick and the weather was perfect as I explored the park. Apparently it was created by massive lava flows a long time ago and had a lot of great short hiking trails. Afterwards I stopped at the first nuclear reactor in the world, but unfortunately the tours are only given seasonally, so I didn't get to see the inside.

I then made my way to Yellowstone and got a hotel room fairly early in the day. I'm unusually tired today, so I likely need a little time to recharge before heading out again, so I decided to just hang out in the hotel room instead of exploring the town.